Woods Cross City is requesting proposals from qualified, professional technology vendors for Information Technology (IT) Support Services. Full details.

The process will result in the selection of one vendor to provide IT services for the City. The City will provide an on-site visit on Thursday, January 18th at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall, located at 1555 S 800 W Woods Cross, Utah to meet staff and see the City’s current IT system.

An electronic (PDF format) copy of the Proposal must be submitted via email to City Administrator with subject line “IT SERVICES” no later than 4:00 p.m. local time on February 01, 2024. Any response, modification, or amendment received after the due date/time is LATE.  No late response, modification, or amendment will be accepted. No other Responses (facsimile, hard copy, or telegraphic) will be accepted. Proposals must include the required elements and be signed by an authorized representative of the Proposer.

 Intent to Contract Study to Amend Impact Fee Facilities Plan and Impact Fee Analysis

Woods Cross City, located in Davis County and serving development within the City’s boundaries has contracted a study to amend the City’s impact fee facilities plan (IFFP) and impact fee analysis (IFA) related to water and storm water facilities. The Service Area for this analysis includes the entire municipal boundaries. Notice is hereby given pursuant to the requirements of Utah Code Ann. 11-36a-501 and 503. You are hereby invited to provide information for the City to consider in the process of preparing, adopting, and implementing or amending the impact fees or related to Water Service Rate and Storm Water Rate within the City's municipal Boundaries

Prior to amending the Woods Cross City IFFP and the IFA, and any changes to the Utility a public hearing will be noticed and held to receive public input.  Hearings are set for Tuesday, January 16, 2023 see notices at

If you have questions or input, please contact Bryce Haderlie, Woods Cross City Administrator by email: or phone: 801-292-4421


As part of its mission to improve quality of life through transportation, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has initiated an environmental study along I-15 between the US-89 interchange in Farmington and 400 South in Salt Lake City. The study will identify transportation needs and potential improvements within this corridor which does include 500 S and 2600 S here in Woods Cross. The project is currently in the Alternatives Development phase.

Visit to learn more about UDOT's environmental study, find ways to engage and provide your feedback.

All the information presented at the open houses will be available on our study website starting Nov. 10 so people can become educated ahead of the meetings and throughout the comment period.

The comment period runs from Nov 10 to Dec 16.


 1376 W and 2600 S - Phelan Project

Construction activities are underway on the project located at 2600 S and 1350 W which brings changes to the neighborhood.  Residents have expressed concerns to city officials and staff regarding the project and we have initiated the following:

1.       Working directly with the contractor on a dust mitigation plan.  The contractor has provided an on-site water truck to wet the ground before the earthwork begins and throughout the day to keep the dust to an acceptable level. 

2.       The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) was contacted by city staff prior to construction to inquire about relocat​ing the deer on the property. The DWR does not have a deer relocation program because deer will relocate on their own

3.       Please email all concerns, comments, or questions to This email will provide you with the fastest response time and will allow for city staff to coordinate our efforts and keep you informed throughout the process.

We appreciate your patience as we work together building a community which balances the rights and needs of our residents and property owners. 


Woods Cross City has entered into a licensing agreement with Google Fiber. Google Fiber has been installed in several neighborhoods through out the city.  Google is currently waiting on the Bureau of Reclamation to approve additional right of way access permits. Learn more through the Google Fiber's Frequently Asked Questions document


The time to prepare for an emergency or disaster is long before it occurs. A small investment of your time and resources could save the life of a family member, neighbor or stranger. Register now for CERT courses being offered in Kaysville and Bountiful.


Public Notices are intended to inform the public.  Public Hearings are held to invite public participation in regard to a specific topic of importance.  Click the link above for the latest Public Hearing and Public Notice details and instructions on how you might participate.